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   About Kelly...                                                   

In 1988, my husband and I experienced a life-changing event at the birth of our oldest son.  He was diagnosed with a very rare brain disorder and was not given a  positive prognosis.  We were left feeling helpless, hopeless, and completely unprepared.  Throughout most of those years we tried the best we could to survive, but we certainly weren't living.

  Our marriage was barely two years old when our son was born, and was immediately set aside.  We did not know what was going to happen to our son, much less were we able or aware of caring for ourselves and our marriage. 

Now, twenty years, a second son, and many  hard lessons later, we are on a much healthier path of self-care and  a more fulfilling marriage.  The gift that both of our sons have given us is the deep compassion for those marriages blessed  (yes, blessed) by having a child with special health care needs.  I can certainly empathize with those who feel  the hopes for their own life as well as their marriage seems to be lost.  You must know...they certainly are NOT!

Kelly holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Professionsal Counseling, and is a Licensed Associate Counselor in Arizona.

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